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Becoming Mr & Mrs? These FAQ might interest you
now THIS is my favourite question! TRULY!
How long does it take before you see your proofs? This is yet another area where I excel. During peak season – it may take up to 6 weeks. During normal busy season – you’ll have them sooner. When you secure our services (pay the admin fee and sign the contract) you’ll fill in our booking form and we’ll document our timeline there. You’ll know exactly what you will receive when. We even have an option for those Mr’s and Mrs’s who just can’t contain themselves. It’s a 48 hour deliverable option and is the most popular upgrade to destination weddings!        
what is my preferred style?
I’m not what you would call a purist. If you browse my portfolio long enough you may pick up my distinct style, but you will also notice that I mix it up between the different sessions. That could be because I tend to translate the vibe from the shoot, your personalities, the theme and props and clothes you select – and translate that into the images. I love receiving input from you – and then being given the freedom to work with what you love.
have i ever shot at your venue?
This is a question I’m asked VERY often. As I mostly shoot destination and out of town weddings, the chances are slim.  The more popular venues in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria – naturally I have. Does this really matter?  In essence – absolutely not.  I’ve had many years of experience in shooting at completely unknown locations and have learnt how to quiz the staff for the interesting locations, then scouting for the spots only a photographer would be able to see and then assessing the lighting.   Coupled with that – I do as much research on each venue as I can possibly find online – usually prior to us even meeting (that’s why I always ask which venue you’ve chosen) Will I do a site visit?  If you’ve chosen a particularly unique venue and would like to do a site visit – absolutely I will join you. It helps to do this 2-3 weeks before your wedding date coupled with your timeline draft.  Please request a quotation for this visit as it is not included in your package unless otherwise stated.
do i bring my own lighting?
The short answer is Yes. I bring basic lighting for my Petite packages and when I work alone.  With my Posh package I bring a little more variety of lighting gear. During our meeting I will discuss the style of photography you like, what you envision your album to look like, your wedding timeline, and naturally take into account your venue. If I feel we require additional lighting over what the petite package includes – I’ll bring it up with you during the consultation.
do i work from a shot list?
Simply put – no. I’m a photographer. With years of experience. I don’t need written shot lists 🙂  Not the kind pinterest and magazines and wedding blogs tell you I should have.  (If your groom wipes a tear from his eye as you walk down the aisle – we’ll likely capture it, but I’m not likely to rub onions in his eyes to get that tear for you) If you have your own list – PLEASE bring it to me. Some of my favourite shoots have come from when you participate and help me see what you like. Have a pinterest board you’ve created – share it!  This is your wedding day after all and I want it to be everything you envision it to be.      
the infamous assistant / second photographer
This is 100% up to you. Derek & I have been working as a team for almost 4 years on dozens of weddings each year and my Experiential Packages are only available when we work together as a team.  But not all packages and not all weddings require an additional photographer – whether it’s Derek or any of a number of photographers I work with regularly. The trend is definitely out there and it’s being portrayed as an absolute essential.  Don’t get me wrong – there are advantages of having additional photographers, but it is not always advisable. Come chat to me about your wedding day and I’ll advise you about the pro’s and con’s of additional photographers for your wedding.    
it's always about the number!
I’m often asked “how many photos” and my answer is always the same 🙂 “It depends” We’re not shy to press the shutter button, and we don’t hold back on our selections, but the number of images you will see is entirely dependent on what your wedding day provides us to shoot.  
do i limit the amount of images i edit?
Now this is another favourite for wedding bloggers to put out there on the interwebs.  It’s quite a fascinating question with so many many interpretations. Each and every image taken by KellyM undergoes a level of post processing.  There are a few pricing categories and each one allows for something different – we’ll discuss your needs when we put together your package. (If you’ve read all the other Q&A you’ll be seeing a trend by now – I love options. So I offer options.)  
will i use your images in my self marketing?
Most likely 🙂 But if you’re worried about it – chat to me!  I always offer options and you’re welcome to purchase the copyright.
What happens if i'm human and that dreaded
Make no mistake, your wedding is important to me and I don’t take my responsibility lightly. We’re not talking about the sniffles here – I’m super human and can work through that. 🙂 But when an emergency strikes or “something unplanned happens” I have backup plans.   In the extreme situation – The main one is my online calendar which is shared with Morgan Studios (a subsidiary to KellyM Photography) so they know where I’m supposed to be at any time – should they hear of any emergency keeping me from your wedding – touch wood – they’ll be on it!