Sample Wedding Packages

We love options!
So while you review these packages please keep in mind that they are based on the most popular packages requested over the past year and we really don’t tie you down to just these. There is a whole host of options to consider and we can juggle them around to make sure your wedding day dreams are preserved just the way you want them to be.

Come meet with us and let’s chat. Over coffee, because I am the most generous when I have a coffee in hand!

Sample Combo Packages


There are many ways to bake a cake and the same applies to putting our combo packages. For those of you who need to see some price with some blurb to them – here’s a sample for you. But we always encourage you to come meet us to chat about what you really want.

Sample Engagement Packages


Most of our wedding packages include a tailor made Engagement Shoot, but here’s a few ideas if you would like to book us without a wedding package


Sample “Journey” Shoots


Getting married isn’t only about your wedding day – there are engagement parties, inviting your friends to be a part of your bridal party, cake tastings, dress fittings and visiting the tailor. There’s dinners with the in-laws and Pinterest DIY parties. And the list goes on and on.

We can incorporate these documentary sessions as part of your custom wedding package, or below are some sample prices for you to consider.


Priced from R1000/hr for photos only

R1750 per hour to include media teasers

Come chat to us to include them into your custom wedding package

Motion Media

Because sometimes motion is needed to enhance the emotion of your story

Photo Booths

Digital booths ~ Print Booths ~ Tequila Faces ~ Stop Motion ~ Slow Mo