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A 3am wake up call in Randburg, Johannesburg to pack a full car load of gear into my Rav4 and then hit the road for the peaceful, misty 4 hour journey along the quiet roads to Paachsdraai, North West Province, where we found Thabo & Lebo in the early phases of getting ready for the first day of the celebrations.



A short journey to Madikwena Inn  where we were met by the peaceful setting where the service was to be held, set close to the waters edge.  A small fence keeping the large, docile croc’s from wondering over to greet us 🙂

With the main celebrations quietening down we packed up again, heading off to our bed for the night – a short 5 hour journey to Vryberg.  The air-con was a most welcomed relief from the intense heat of the day.

Greeted with morning coffee and home made scones – and to our great relief, an overcast day.  Vryberg was going to be a good day!




Anyone who has been to a traditional wedding knows, the couple rarely has a gap just to themselves, but Thabo & Lebo had planned for a couple photoshoot to take place at the dis-used train station.  Although we must have been gone for at least an hour, the celebrations when we returned continued right where it had left off.



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Images taken late afternoon, into the evening in Newtown, Johannesburg